The only supplier of intelligent, self-healing security solutions, Absolute Software, has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in the newly created Automated Security Control Assessment (ASCA) category in the 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security.

To help security leaders plan for the adoption and implementation of emerging technologies, the Gartner Hype Cycle report provides the most relevant advancements in the endpoint security space. According to Gartner, “The Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security tracks developments that help security executives defend their companies.”

For the first time, ASCA, a growing category, is included in the Innovation Trigger report this year. “Organizations implementing ASCA processes and technologies enhance staff efficiency, minimize the impact of human errors, and improve resilience in the face of organizational churn,” wrote report analysts Jeremy D’Hoinne and Evgeny Mirolyubov. By minimizing security control configuration gaps, ASCA protects the organization against avoidable attacks.

John Herrema, the Executive Vice President of Strategy at Absolute, emphasized that organizations must have solutions that improve their capacity to minimize disruption and quickly recover from incidents, in addition to safeguarding their endpoints against an increasingly sophisticated range of attacks. “We can detect and automatically correct millions of non-compliance incidents that occur annually in security and management controls, according to data we collect from millions of endpoints using our Application Resilience solution. The validation of perseverance as a crucial skill and the acknowledgment of suppliers that fulfill their commitments are heartening.”

Absolute Visibility, Absolute Control, Absolute Resilience, and Absolute Ransomware Response are available in Absolute’s Secure Endpoint product range. When combined, these solutions protect endpoints against threats and vulnerabilities, handle security lapses and incidents, and enable the automated detection and remediation required for endpoints and apps to self-heal on their own.

More than 600 million devices have Absolute Software’s resilience and security platform installed, which offers endpoint-to-network access security coverage, guarantees automatic security compliance, and permits operational continuity. Almost 21,000 clients worldwide rely on Absolute to protect their company assets, strengthen security and business applications, and deliver a seamless, constantly available user experience.

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