The market has been overrun by competitors since the release of the Steam Deck, including the ASUS ROG Ally and Logitech G Cloud. The Ayaneo Flip DS will shortly join that group as well, adding to the market’s already dense crowding. But this portable will stand out because to its clamshell form, which might be ideal for emulating the Nintendo DS.

Brad Linder of Liliputing claims to have received a “leak” from Ayaneo that contained information on the Flip DS, an upcoming gaming device. It is evident that this device was influenced by the Nintendo DS given its clamshell shape, twin screens, and DS moniker.

According to reports, the console will run on AMD’s Ryzen 7 7840U CPU, which will also be found in the Flip KB, a gadget that is identical but has a keyboard. Furthermore, this chip can also be found in the majority of other modern Windows handheld devices.
The device includes a small monitor tucked in between the controls and a 7-inch, 120Hz screen. In relation to the controls, it seems to have two thumbsticks, a D-pad, buttons, and what appears to be a fingerprint sensor.

While you can play PC games on the portable, the more intriguing possibility is to emulate DS games. While several gadgets already exist that can simulate these games, most of them only allow you to move between screens or have the screens side by side. People would be able to play these games as intended because to the Flip DS’s form factor.
It appears that Ayaneo withheld information regarding the cost. Additionally, there is no word on when it will launch. However, given that the business frequently uses Indiegogo campaigns, it is likely that the product will be available for financing there soon.

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